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Nutrients & Additives

Nutrifield Coco A&B 20L


Nutrifield Elements Grow A&B 20L


Nutrifield Elements Bloom A&B 20L


Nutrifield SI-PHI 20L


Nutrifield Fulife 20L


Nutrifield Flavor Savior 20L


Nutrifield Veg Ignitor 20L


Nutrifield Root Nectar 20L


Nutrifield PK Heavy 20L


Nutrifield Bud Burst 20L


Nutrifield Crystalic 20L


Nutrifield Cargo Boost 20L




Nutrifield PK Heavy 250ML


Nutrifield Bud Burst 500ML


Nutrifield Flavor Savior 250ML


Nutrifield Expanded Clay Balls - 50L Leca


Nutrifield SI-PHI 5L


Nutrifield SI-PHI 1L


Nutrifield SI-PHI 500ML


Nutrifield SI-PHI 250ML


Nutrifield Root Nectar 5L




Nutrifield Root Nectar 1L


The Importance of Hydroponic Nutrients!

Hello Hydroponics' "Nutrients & Additives" collection offers a wide range of high-quality products from some of the top brands in the industry, including Nutrifield, Canna, Aptus, Emerald Harvest, Bio Diesel, and House & Garden.

Our collection includes a variety of hydroponic nutrients and additives designed to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Our Nutrifield products are formulated with cutting-edge technology to deliver the best possible results. In contrast, our Canna products are made from the highest-quality ingredients to ensure optimal plant growth.

Concerned about hydroponic fertilizer?

Aptus products are designed to support healthy root growth and promote vigorous, healthy plants. In contrast, our Emerald Harvest products are formulated with a balance of essential hydroponic nutrients and organic ingredients to promote vigorous growth and optimal yields. Our Bio-Diesel products are made from natural ingredients and are designed to promote healthy plant growth, while our House and garden products are designed to provide your plants with the perfect balance of nutrients for optimal growth and health.

Hydroponic nutrient solution 

Our hydroponic food and fertilizer products are made from high-quality ingredients. They are designed to provide your plants with the essential hydroponic nutrients Australia needs to thrive. Our collection includes a range of products to suit all plants and growing environments, so you can find the perfect product to meet your needs.

Get the best hydroponic nutrients in Australia.

At Hello Hydroponics, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services. We offer delivery to Melbourne and other locations across Australia, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

In conclusion, if you are looking for high-quality nutrients and hydroponic additives or DIY hydroponic nutrients for your indoor gardening needs, look no further than HelloHydroponics' "Nutrients & Additives" collection. With products from top brands like Nutrifield, Canna, Aptus, Emerald Harvest, Bio Diesel, House & hydroponic garden, and delivery options across Australia, we are your one-stop shop your indoor gardening needs.