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Bio Diesel Rhino K 1L


Canna PK 13-14 250ml


Canna PK 13-14 1L


Canna PK 13-14 5L


Canna Boost Accelerator 250ml


Canna Boost Accelerator 1L


Canna Boost Accelerator 5L


Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag 0.95L


Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag 3.79L


Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag 9.46L


Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag 22.71L


Super N+ (Nitrogen + CalMag) 1L


Super N+ (Nitrogen + CalMag) 5L


Super Si 20ml


Super Si 100ml


Super Si 250ml


Super Si 500ml


Super Si 1L


Super Si 5L


Super Si 10L


Aptus MassBoost 250ml


Aptus MassBoost 500ml


Aptus MassBoost 1L


Aptus FinaleBoost 250ml



The dietary supplements known as root stimulants, root boosters, or rooting hormones are those that include vital hormones that promote and direct root system growth. They aid in reducing waste and may even lessen mineral buildup in your system, in addition to promoting root growth. Some of these have an organic fungus called mycorrhizae, which allows the roots to grow deeper and receive more water and nutrients.

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