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Nutrifield Bud Burst 500ML
Nutrifield Bud Burst 500ML
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Nutrifield Bud Burst 500ML

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Hello Hydroponics proudly introduces Bud Burst, a cutting-edge nutrient supplement packed with the goodness of kelp and naturally derived triacontanol. Triacontanol, a plant compound found in cuticle waxes and beeswax, plays a pivotal role in stimulating plant development during the crucial flowering cycle.

Triggers Bud Formation

When absorbed by the plant, Triacontanol triggers the initiation of flower bud formation, setting off a cascade of flowering mechanisms that lead to enhanced yield, improved flower quality, and increased flower size and number. Bud Burst truly maximizes yields and boosts plant vitality by harnessing the power of natural plant growth optimizers that promote rapid cell division, allowing plants to uptake larger amounts of nutrients, thereby facilitating rapid floral development.

The presence of Potassium in Bud Burst further contributes to its efficacy, impacting the production of chlorophyll while regulating stomatal openings, ultimately improving the plant's ability to breathe. Potassium is also essential for the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants, leading to higher brix levels that maximize yields.

Premium Quality Supplement

NutriField Bud Burst stands as a premium-quality nutrient supplement that stands apart from the rest. Unlike others, it contains the remarkable Triacontanol, a natural plant growth hormone that is both safe and non-toxic. Extensive studies have revealed that Triacontanol can increase the bud burst rate by up to a staggering 400%, making it an indispensable component of any NutriField flowering enhancer.

Beyond Triacontanol, NutriField Bud Burst offers a comprehensive flowering enhancement solution, meticulously crafted to unlock the full potential of your plants. This complete flowering enhancer is enriched with all the necessary nutrients and minerals essential for optimal plant growth. The result? Bigger, more vibrant flowers with an increased number of blossoms produced by your plants.

A Complete Flowering Enhancer

Bud Burst is truly a complete flowering enhancer that contains rich sources of Potassium, which is essential to water and nutrient movement in plants, photosynthesis, activating enzymes and strengthening cell walls. It is derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum which has the highest Potassium level of any kelp and is also full of trace elements, natural plant growth stimulants, and 17 amino acids. Bud Burst greatly improves brix levels, promotes more flowering sites with larger flowers, and induces greater essential oil production for increased yield potential.

​​​​Abundance Within

Bud Burst contains over 60 minerals with exceptionally high chelating ability. The chelated micronutrients within allow for easy nutrient uptake by your plants ensuring improved flower set and floral development. Plant metabolic processes are stimulated enhancing the movement and storage of carbohydrates within your plants which lead to higher brix levels resulting in greater weight and yield.

Stress Reliever

The unique formula in Bud Burst delivers stress relief to unhealthy plants. Bud Burst also increases frost/cold weather resistance which ensures that the survival and flowering potential of plants remains unaffected for maximised yield potential in every season. 

If you seek a nutrient supplement that can truly elevate your flower growth to new heights, look no further than NutriField Bud Burst – the key to unlocking your plants' full flowering potential. Experience the difference and witness your plants flourish like never before!


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