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With our LED grow tent kit, you can operate it for as little as $2.99 a day

Average daily usages 15 kWh


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Why Choose Hello Hydroponics?

  • Hassle-free gardening: Our hydroponic systems are designed for optimal yielding results and are easy DIY setup kits easily maintained, so you can enjoy stress-free gardening all year round.
  • Healthier plants: Plants grow healthier and more robustly when they can absorb nutrients more effectively, which is made possible by hydroponics.
  • Faster growth: With hydroponics, plants grow faster than traditional soil-based gardening.
  • More control: You have complete control over the growing conditions, from light and temperature to nutrient levels and water supply.
  • Cost-effective: Our hydroponic systems are designed for optimal results and use up to 40% less water and require fewer nutrients, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Express shipping: We offer express shipping on all our hydroponic systems, so you can start your hydroponics journey today.
  • Great value: Our hydroponic systems come in packages. Each package has 25 items & more, making them a great value for any gardener. Save up to 18%.


Transform Your Garden with Our High-Quality Grow Tent Kits




Boost Your Plants' Growth and Yield with Our Innovative Hydroponic System

If you’re passionate about your flora and vegetables, the Hello Hydroponics Grow Tent Packages are the best hydroponic grow tent kits on the market for indoor gardening and hydroponic gardening, providing all the necessary accessories including grow lights to help your vegetation blossom and bear fruits and vegetables all year round. Saving you on increasing supermarket costs and costs of living. Each of our grow tent packages come with 21 hand-selected items, plus bonus goodies, to suit each individual grow tent kit for maximum yielding results.

Introducing our grow tent packages with all the bells and whistles to rapidly increase your yield this time of year. Climate change has an impact on all types of gardening, growing, and harvesting. Let’s start by protecting our crops indoors and outdoors by creating our own tropical temperature in a Hello Hydroponics grow tent package.




Easy to assemble (DIY) with instruction manual

The product is easy to assemble with a DIY approach, aided by an instruction manual, making it user-friendly and accessible for customers.


Customers can purchase the product now and pay later through the AfterPay option, making it more financially convenient for them.

Package designed for guaranteed yielding results

The product package is designed to deliver specific results, which are guaranteed to customers, providing assurance and confidence in the product's efficacy.

3 years warranty on all products

The products in the package come with a warranty of three years, which provides security and protects customers' investment.

Customer care support

Customers can expect support in case they face any issues, ensuring that their experience with the product is hassle-free and pleasant.

Enjoy organics vegetables 🥗 all year round at a fraction of the price of supermarkets

The product enables customers to enjoy organic vegetables throughout the year, promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle without thinking about cost.

Free shipping over $499

Customers who make an order over $499 can enjoy free shipping, saving them money and making the product more accessible.