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Hydro Axis

Hydro Axis Curved Scissors


Hydro Axis Oscillating Wall Fan 50W 16"


Hydro Axis Straight Scissors


Hydro Axis Vinyl Pipe Cutter (Heavy Duty)


Hydro Axis Rope Ratchet 1/8 Metal (2/PK) 35 kg


Hydro Axis Thermometer & Hygrometer Large Screen


Hydro Axis Hanger Roller String (2/PK) 5KG


Hydro Axis Oscillating Clip Fan 225mm


Hydro Axis Ball Bearing In Line Fan 125mm - 5 Inch


Hydro Axis Ball Bearing In Line Fan 100mm -4 Inch


Hydro Axis Lamp Adaptor Round Earth to Flat Earth


Hydro Axis Thermometer & Hygrometer LCD


Hydro Axis Digital Seconds Timer


Hydro Axis Digital Timer


Hydro Axis Mechanical Timer


Hydro Axis Ballast Extension Lead Round Earth 4m


Hydro Axis Extension Lead 3m 10A


Hydro Axis Extension Lead 10m 10A


200mm Intake Axial Fan Hydro Axis Inline Ball Bearing BB 8" Air Flow


Hydro Axis

Whether its an everyday item like scissors, cutters, etc. or electrical accessories like fans, thermometers - Hydro Axis got you covered. Feel free to experience the durability of these products as they are all tested under harsh conditions. Hydro Axis values customer satisfaction and their patronage.

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