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California Lightworks

California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 LED


California Lightworks SolarXtreme 250 - COB Light


California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 LED TRUE WATT 400W LIGHT


California Lightworks SolarSystem UVB Bulb 25w


California Lightworks SolarSystem UVB Bar 25w


California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 - COB


California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 Veg


California Lightworks SolarXtreme 1000 - COB LED Light


California Lightworks SolarSystem 550 UVB Kit LED


California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 UVB Kit LED


California Lightworks SolarSystem UVB Kit


California Lightworks SolarSystem 275 LED Light


California Lightworks

High-power LED grow lights from California Lightworks may directly replace conventional HID bulb technology while using up to 50% less energy, producing 50% less heat, and requiring no bulb replacement. There are power levels ranging from 200 to 800 watts, all of which have programmable digital spectrum management for the best quality and energy-efficient results. They make use of Osram LEDs, which have the best market efficiency.

Their exclusive Digital Spectrum Control technology is set up to produce the finest results and the best quality while using the least amount of energy. Stretching and tighter spacing between the nodes are reduced by high levels of blue and decreased red in veg. Increased yield and denser flowers are produced when red levels are high and blue levels are low during bloom. Prior to harvest, resin production is increased and chemical profiles are improved by using more blue and less red in final finishing. The optimal spectrum and timing for each stage of growth are controlled throughout the entire grow cycle by the SolarSystem Controller.

Hello Hydroponics is offering its clients with a wide range of products from California Lightworks.