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Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV


Lucius Flex 6 Bar LED 650W


Hortitek Eco Digital 600w Light Kit Dimpled


Hortitek Eco Digital 600w Light Kit


Hortitek Raider Digital Ballast 400W


Hortitek Defender 600W Ballast


Hortitek Raider Digital Ballast 600W


Hortitek Eco 600w Digital Ballast


Hortitek Raider Digital Ballast 1000W


Hortitek 1000W HPS Ballast


Hortitek Far Red Enhancer Bar 30w


Hortitek UFO LED 200W


Hortitek UFO LED 450W


Lucius LED Grow Light SF 90W 75cm


Lucius LED Grow Light SF 150W 120cm


Lucius LED Bar R 240W


Lucius Maximus 315W CMH Ballast


Lucius Recom 315w CMH Ballast


Lucius Recom 600w Ballast


Lucius Recom 1000w Digital Ballast


Lucius Recom 630W CMH/HPS Uni Ballast


Lucius Maximus Ballast Dimmable 400W


Lucius Maximus 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast


Lucius Maximus 1000w Dimmable Digital Ballast


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Our LED grows hydroponic lights in Australia are designed to simulate natural sunlight and provide a spectrum of light that your plants need for photosynthesis. They are energy-efficient and long-lasting, which makes them an excellent choice for indoor gardening. We also offer digital ballasts that allow you to control the amount of light your plants receive, providing the perfect balance of light and darkness for optimal growth.

Our shades and reflectors are designed to direct light exactly where you need it, ensuring that every part of your plants receives the right amount of light. We also offer complete fixtures that are easy to install and come with everything you need to get started with hydroponic lights in Australia, including bulbs and cords. For those who want complete control over their lighting setup, we offer lighting management units that allow you to program your lights to turn on and off at specific times, adjust the intensity of the light, and even simulate sunrise and sunset.

In addition to our hydroponic lights in Australia, we also offer a wide range of lighting accessories, including hangers, timers, power cords, and more, to help you customize your setup to your exact needs.

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