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Nutrifield Elements Grow A&B 20L
Nutrifield Elements Grow A&B 20L
  • SKU: NUA-NFLD-09

Nutrifield Elements Grow A&B 20L

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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Melbourne, Australia! Welcome to the world of Nutrifield Element A&B, the all-around nutrient specially formulated to support your hydroponic gardening journey. Our Element-based nutrient is designed to promote leaf growth, stem and root development, and overall vegetation growth cycle, ensuring healthy and thriving plants.

With Nutrifield Element A&B, you have two fantastic formulations to choose from – Grow A&B for the vegetative stage and Bloom A&B for the flowering stage. Both products are 100% water-soluble and compatible with any watering system, providing maximum convenience for your hydroponic setup.

Rich with Essential Nutrients

Vegetation growth is a complex process that requires various essential nutrients, and one of the key elements is nitrogen. Nitrogen plays a vital role in the development of leaves, stems, and roots, and it also supports the vegetation growth cycle. Nutrifield Element A&B ensures your plants get the right balance of essential nutrients to thrive during each growth phase.

For remarkable results throughout your plant's development, Nutrifield Element A&B is your go-to nutrient. Whether it's promoting rapid vegetative growth with Nutrifield® Elements Grow or achieving bountiful fruit and flower set with Nutrifield® Elements Bloom, our premium 4-part nutrient system has you covered.

Unique Formulation

The formulation of Nutrifield® Elements Grow & Bloom is a true technical milestone achieved through extensive scientific plant trials. We've carefully tested nutrient reactions in various growing mediums and systems, ensuring exceptional performance in all hydroponic setups.

Best Quality

At Nutrifield, we prioritize quality, and our nutrient system is a result of meticulous research and testing by great scientific minds. Nutrifield® Elements Grow & Bloom contains perfectly balanced plant-available nutrients that enhance plant growth and results, promoting healthier and more vigorous plants.

Our intensive research on plants, considering both internal and external environmental factors, has led to the creation of Nutrifield® Elements Grow & Bloom. The fruits of our research are now available to elevate your hydroponic gardening experience.

Experience the power of Nutrifield Element A&B and say hello to Hello Hydroponics for all your hydroponic needs in Australia. Unlock the full potential of your plants with our premium nutrients and watch them thrive like never before. Maximize your yields and savings with Nutrifield, your trusted partner in hydroponic gardening.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Liam Robert
perfect Choice

These nutrients have become an essential part of my gardening routine and I've witnessed exceptional growth and flowering in my plants. This is the perfect pair to choose.

Lowanna Birrani
Game changer

This Nutrifield product has been a game changer in my journey. The 20L size is a fantastic value for the price and the results are simply unbeatable.

Anton David
Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Nutrifield Element A&B nutrients to all fellow gardeners