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Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED


Hi-Par Spectro 660W LED


Hi-Par Duo Reflector




Hi-Par 1000W De Lamp


Hi-Par 600W HPS De Lamp


Hi-Par 600W HPS E40 Lamp


Hi-Par De Dynamic Reflector


Hi-Par 315W Sunstorm Vertical Reflector


Hi-Par 315W Sunstorm Horizontal Reflector


Hi-Par Dynamic 315 PGZ18 Reflector


Hi-Par De Dynamic Wide Reflector Attachment


Hi-Par E40 Dynamic Reflector


Hi-Par Hi-Shine Reflector Wipes


Hi-Par PGZ-18 / E40 Adaptor


Hi-Par Rope Ratchets


Hi-Par 1000W Control Ballast


Hi-Par 1000W De Ballast


Hi-Par 630W CMH Control Ballast


Hi-Par 600W Control Ballast


Hi-Par OG 600W 400V Ballast


Hi-Par 315W CMH Control Ballast


Hi-Par Digital Lighting Control Station V2


Hi-Par Connect Cable LED To LED 5M


Systems for Professional Lighting

Hi-Par is built on quality and innovation. Bringing you the most recent in efficient, PAR-maximized digital horticulture lighting technology.

Perfect for horticultural hobbyists, professionals, and industries. Experience the strength of CHM technology and 400v.