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Nutrifield Fulife 20L
Nutrifield Fulife 20L
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Nutrifield Fulife 20L

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Hello Hydroponics proudly presents Nutrifield Fulife, a cutting-edge nutrient supplement enriched with the power of fulvic acid, carefully formulated to revolutionize your plant growth. Fulvic acid, an organic acid naturally found in soils, acts as a catalyst for macronutrient uptake, ensuring your plants receive the vital elements they need to flourish.

Through its unique action, fulvic acid stimulates root uptake mechanisms and forms soluble, plant-bioavailable complexes with macronutrients, a process commonly known as 'chelation.' This remarkable feature empowers your plants to absorb essential nutrients more effectively, leading to an impressive boost in root growth and branching.

Increased Uptake of Macronutrients

Nutrifield Fulife ensures macronutrients are present in a form which is readily available to the plant.

The chelated micronutrients are easily utilised by the plant, facilitating increased macronutrient uptake and preventing nutrient lockout.

Nutrient Optimiser

Fulife is derived from fulvic acid that creates bonds with unavailable nutrients and converts them into plant available food. Fulife is an organic electrolyte that conducts electrical activity which serves to break down complex molecules and convert metallic elements into easily absorbable plant food, resulting in an increased nutrient chelation speed.

Photosynthesis Booster

Fulife regulates the breathing structure within plants by causing an improvement to stomata openings that allows for greater respiration and transpiration which accelerates photosynthesis while helping the growth of beneficial microorganisms. This greatly improves your plants metabolic processes which in turn maximises your yields. Fulife is highly recommended to be used in foliar applications as it will process any other nutrients added into the mix and is absorbed by plant tissue.

Stabilises Free Radicals

Fulife helps protect plants from harm by stabilising free radicals which can damage tissue and render toxicities in media when unchecked. The antioxidants in Fulife are able to neutralise free radicals by accepting the unpaired electron that makes free radicals so highly reactive and essentially turn them into something which the plant can use.

As a result, Nutrifield Fulife becomes a game-changer for both vegetative growth and flower yield, helping you achieve remarkable results in your hydroponic endeavors. Embrace this cutting-edge supplement to witness unprecedented growth in your plants, backed by the expertise of Hello Hydroponics and the power of Nutrifield Fulife. Experience the difference

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