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Indoor Sun MH 400W 6000k Conversion Bulb


Sunmaster MH 400W Neutral Deluxe Universal


Indoor Sun MH 600W 6000k Conversion Bulb


Sunmaster MH 1000w Warm Deluxe Base Up


Indoor Sun MH 1000W 4000k Conversion Bulb


Indoor Sun 1000W MH Super BU 4000K


Indoor Sun 1000W DE MH 6000K


Indoor Sun 1000W DE MH 4000K



Are you a beginner looking for your first grow light? Or maybe you're a hobby grower or commercial cultivator looking for the highest output & most reliable grow lights, then you've come to the right place.

Hello Hydroponics stock has everything you need for successful grow. We stock MH GLOBES from the top grow light brands for indoor & greenhouse growers.

We also carry grow light kits like ballasts, hoods, reflectors, hangers, movers, controllers and power cords and accessories with FREE Delivery for orders over $499 Australia Wide