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Lucius Flex 6 Bar LED 650W


Lucius Flex Full Spectrum 645W


Lucius Maximus 315W CMH Ballast


Lucius Recom 315w CMH Ballast


Lucius Maximus Ballast Dimmable 400W


Lucius Recom 600w Ballast


Lucius Maximus 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast


Lucius Recom 630W CMH/HPS Uni Ballast


Lucius Recom 1000w Digital Ballast


Lucius Maximus 1000w Dimmable Digital Ballast


Lucius LED Bar R 240W


Lucius LED Grow Light SF 90W 75cm


Lucius LED Grow Light SF 150W 120cm


Lucius CMH Broad Reflector 4M


Lucius CMH Focal Reflector 4M


Lucius De Broad Reflector 4M


Lucius De Focal Reflector 4M


Lucius E40 Broad Reflector 4M


Lucius E40 Focal Reflector 4M



Gardening enthusiasts Lucius take great satisfaction in developing ideal solutions for your yard. The LUCUIS WAY places a focus on effective gardening methods to help you produce more while spending less.
With the use of science and technology, they hope to reduce your energy usage by increasing the PPF and ballast efficiency of our commercial greenhouse fixtures. All Lucius products are made to work with lamps from brands like Indoorsun, Philips, and others.