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Prima Klima 355/400 mm Blue Line


Prima Klima 300/315 mm Blue Line


Phresh Hyper Fan V2 300mm -12


Prima Klima PK 250mm EC - Temperature Controlled


Prima Klima PK 250mm EC Blue Fan


Prima Klima PK 150mm EC Blue


Prima Klima PK 150mm EC Temperature Controlled


Mountain Air EC Mixmax Fan 250mm


Phresh Hyper Fan V2 250mm -10


Mountain Air EC High Flow Fan 250mm


Mountain Air EC Mixmax Fan 200mm


Phresh Hyper Fan V2 200mm - 8"


EP Ezi Air FM2 Centrifugal Fan 300mm/12"


Prima Klima PK250-XLE 250mm High Speed


Phresh Hyper Fan V2 150mm - 6"


Mountain Air EC Mixmax Fan 150mm


Prima Klima PK 200mm - 2 Two Speed


Prima Klima PK 150mm - TC Temperature Controlled


EP Ezi Air FM2 Centrifugal Fan 250mm/10"


Prima Klima PK 200mm - L


EP Ezi Air FM2 Centrifugal Fan 200mm/8"


Prima Klima PK 125mm - 2 Two Speed FAN


Prima Klima PK 150mm - 2 Two Speed


EP Ezi Air FM2 Centrifugal Fan 150mm/6"


A fan for grow tent can be imperative!

A fan for grow tent keeps the temperatures at favorably low levels for the plants to thrive. Fresh air plays an essential role in the growth of plants in hydroponic systems.

Hydroponic exhaust fans to the rescue

They breathe in fresh CO2 and remove excess humidity. Hello Hydroponics stocks. Some of the most common and high-quality exhaust fans for grow tents are used in hydroponics grow rooms which include inline duct fans and inline exhaust fans for airflow, ventilation fans, oscillating fans for airflow, and centrifugal fans.

Advantages of Exhaust Fan for Grow Tents

Improved Plant Health: By providing your plants with a continuous flow of air, hydroponic fans help to create a more balanced environmental condition for them, which in turn can lead to a healthier plant. The increased oxygen and carbon dioxide levels promote better photosynthesis and nutrient uptake, resulting in healthier and more robust plants.


Reduced Risk of Diseases: By continually circulating the air, the hydroponic exhaust fans help to reduce humidity levels which are one of the main contributing factors towards the spread of diseases and pest infestations. Additionally, the fans help to reduce temperatures which also helps to reduce the risk of plant diseases.


Cost Savings: By improving the environmental conditions, fans for grow tents help to reduce energy consumption as your plants require less water and nutrients. This, in turn, can lead to significantly lower electricity bills for growers and gardeners as the fans are much more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Additionally, the hydroponic fans help to reduce water consumption as they help to evaporate excess moisture from the system, which reduces the amount of water needed for the plants.


Get Hydroponic Exhaust Fans at Hello Hydroponics Store

In addition, we also have the latest hydroponic fans, including variable speed fans with electronic fan speed control and silent fans insulated for quiet operations. Some brands we are proud to sell are Blauberg, Can-Fan, Cultivate, Hydro Axis, and many more. And guess what? We offer delivery of exhaust fans for grow tents to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and other locations across Australia.