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Hortitek Growsaber 30W LED 6500K 900mm


Hortitek Growsaber 10W LED 6500K 300mm


Hortitek Growsaber 20W LED 6500K 600mm


Hortitek GrowBoard LED Grow Light 660W Full Spectrum


Hortitek LMU Light Management Unit 8 - 8 ON 60A 1PH


Hortitek LMU Light Management Unit 12 - 12 ON 4 Live 63A 1PH


Hortitek LMU Light Management Unit 24 - 12 ON/OFF 4 Live 63A 1PH


Hortitek 1000W HPS Ballast


Hortitek Defender 800W Ballast


Hortitek Defender 600W Ballast


Hortitek Defender 400W Ballast


Hortitek UFO LED 450W


Hortitek UFO LED 200W


Hortitek® Light Management Unit 12 - 12 On 4 Live 63A 1PH


Hortitek® Light Management Unit 24 12On/12Off Or 24On 4 Live 1Ph


Hortitek 40W LED Grow Light - E40 Socket


Hortitek White Batwing Med 400mm


Hortitek White Batwing Large 525mm


Hortitek Dimpled Batwing Med 400mm


Hortitek Deep Bowl Reflector Kit - Medium


Hortitek Deep Bowl Reflector - Medium


Hortitek Deep Bowl Lamp Holder


Hortitek Raider Digital Ballast 600W


Hortitek Raider Digital Ballast 1000W



An multinational, cutting-edge manufacturer of hydroponic lighting equipment is called Hortitek. Hortitek is at the forefront of the hydroponics market because to its cutting-edge design, which was developed by the creative Western Electrical. Each device is reasonably priced while providing industrial robustness, cutting-edge technology, and workhorse dependability. High PAR output and rock-solid safety are two goals that Hortitek lighting solutions are built to achieve.

Hello Hydroponics provides a wide variety of Hortitek LEDs with multiple watt and kit options.