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Nutrifield SI-PHI 500ML
Nutrifield SI-PHI 500ML
  • SKU: NUA-NFLD-44

Nutrifield SI-PHI 500ML

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Hello Hydroponics proudly presents Si-Phi, a cutting-edge nutrient supplement that combines potassium silicate (Si) and potassium phosphite (Phi) to boost your plants' performance. Silica in Si-Phi strengthens cell walls and enhances heat and drought stress tolerance, resulting in healthier, more resilient plants.

Add Nutrifield Si-PHI to your plants to prevent stress and improve heat absorption. This unique blend of potassium silicate and potassium phosphite helps plants retain water and nutrients while increasing their heat resistance. By incorporating Si-PHI into your gardening routine, you ensure your plants stay healthy and thrive in hot weather conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Prevents plant stress.
  2. Strengthens cell walls.
  3. Retains water and nutrients.


  • Increases heat tolerance
  • Occasional or prolonged high temperatures can cause different physiological and biochemical changes in the plants. These variations affect plant growth as well as development and reduced yield and quality. Use Si-Phi throughout the entire grow cycle to ensure plants thrive in all environments.

  • Prevents plant stress
  • Nutrifield’s Si-Phi contains Phosphite (Phi) which stimulates the plant's metabolism to promote robustness and stress resistance. Phosphite is emerging as a new molecule that can be used to enhance plant performance especially in restricting environments.

    With Nutrifield Si-PHI, your garden plants will withstand heat and stress, remaining healthy and robust throughout the growing season. Don't miss out on this game-changing solution from Hello Hydroponics!

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