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Philips CMH CDM-T Elite Dj 315W 4200K


Philips 1000W 400V De HPS


Philips Master Greenpower 600W /400V E40 Lamp


Philips Agrolite XL HPS 1000W E40


Philips Son-T Pia Plus HPS 600W E40


Philips Master Agro HPS 400W E40


Philips CMH 315W/930 - Single Jacket Buy One Get Two Free


Philips CMH 315W/930 - Double Jacket



The top brand in professional lighting is Philips. They offer top-notch energy-efficient lighting systems, goods, and services. One of the most respected lighting brands in the world is Philips. Philips has been associated with superior, dependable, cutting-edge technology that enhances people's lives since 1891.

Signify, a global leader in lighting, has a license to use the Philips name on products and services. For lights, luminaires, and other lighting goods for both professionals and consumers, Philips is Signify's main brand.

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