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Hortitek Far Red Enhancer Bar 30w
Hortitek Far Red Enhancer Bar 30w
  • SKU: LIG-LEGL-55

Hortitek Far Red Enhancer Bar 30w

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Hello Hydroponics understands the importance of utilizing the Far-Red spectrum in your growth to maximize plant potential. Far-Red light has various effects that can benefit your plants, depending on their species and growth stage.

One significant effect is the Emerson Effect, where the combination of Far-Red and Deep Red light enhances photosynthesis, leading to improved plant growth and increased yield. By incorporating the right balance of Far-Red and Deep Red light, you can harness the Emerson Effect to optimize your plants' photosynthetic efficiency.

Far-Red light also plays a role in flower initiation. During sunsets, the transition from Red to Far-Red light triggers a plant response mediated by phytochromes. By utilizing Far-Red light, you can manipulate the plant's perception of darkness and encourage flowering with fewer hours of darkness. This effectively extends the light hours available to your plants during the flowering stage, resulting in enhanced yield.

Additionally, Far-Red light influences the shade avoidance response in plants. When neighboring plant canopies block essential light, plants exhibit elongation and increased leaf area to compete for light energy. By including a high ratio of Far-Red to Red light in your lighting spectrum, you can promote leaf expansion and internode elongation, which enhances light interception and further stimulates plant growth.

To incorporate Far-Red light effectively, we recommend two approaches. First, supplement Far-Red light alongside your main LED fixture to elicit the expansive plant response and shade avoidance response. This ensures a well-balanced lighting spectrum for optimal growth. Second, use Far-Red LED light for 20-30 minutes after lights off to expedite the plant's transition to a sleep state, facilitating early flower initiation and maximizing daytime photosynthesis.

It's crucial to note that achieving optimal plant growth requires a well-balanced and complete lighting spectrum. There is no single wavelength that is universally best for all plants. The effects of specific wavelengths can be enhanced or counteracted by other wavelengths, so understanding the synergies and ratios within the lighting spectrum is key to achieving desired results.

At Hello Hydroponics, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your existing lighting spectrum. Explore our range of LED grow lights, including those that incorporate Far-Red technology, and optimize your plant growth with our energy-saving and powerful LED solutions.


    1. Product Name: Far-Red Enhancer
    2. Spectrum: Far-Red 
    3. Power: 30W
    4. Voltage Range / Frequency: 100-277V ~ 50/60Hz
    5. PF: >0.95
    6. THD: <10%
    7. Thermal Management: Passive
    8. BTU: 102
    9. Dimensions (L x W x H): 600x57x39mm (23.62”x2.24”x1.53”)
    10. Weight (Driver Included): 1.0±0.3kg (2.2±0.66Lbs)
    11. Working Temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
    12. Storing Temperature: -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
    13. IP Rating: IP65
    14. Current:
      • Amp @ 120V: 0.25
      • Amp @ 208V: 0.14
      • Amp @ 220V: 0.14
      • Amp @ 230V: 0.13
      • Amp @ 240V: 0.13
      • Amp @ 277V: 0.11

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        1. [1] x Hortitek Far-Red Enhancer Bar - 30W | IP65


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