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Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV
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Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV

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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Australia, Melbourne! Get ready to take your indoor gardening to the next level with Hortivision LED grow lights. Our cutting-edge LED grow lights are designed to provide exceptional performance, energy-saving technology, and all-around savings for your hydroponic setups.

Introducing the Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV. This powerful grow light offers an optimized spectrum that allows for effective crop steering. With the ability to select color output, UV intensity, and optimal PPFD levels, you have the control to achieve heavy yields and high potency in your plants. Whether you're growing in urban indoor grow rooms or tent setups, the Spec-Perfect UV+ is built tough to withstand rugged horticultural environments.

Experience the difference with three separate light channels for grow, early bloom, and late bloom stages. This ensures that your plants receive the best possible spectrum at each critical stage of their growth. With the incorporation of optimum blue, UVA, and far-red diodes, you can expect accelerated plant growth, increased flower site and density, higher yields, and improved essential oils.

At Hello Hydroponics, we understand the importance of bright, powerful LED grow lights that deliver exceptional results while saving energy. With Hortivision LED grow lights, you can optimize your hydroponic setup for maximum productivity and success.

Join the Hello Hydroponics community and harness the full potential of your plants with Hortivision LED 680W/780W Spec-Perfect + UV grow lights. Elevate your indoor gardening game and achieve remarkable yields and plant potency. Trust in Hortivision for superior LED grow lights designed specifically for the Hydroponics community in Australia, Melbourne, and beyond.


    1. 3 adjustable spectrum channels
    2. Total Output: 1870 μmol/s
    3. Efficiency: 2.6 μmol/j 
    4. Dimensions: 1067 X 1105 X 54mm 
    5. LED Chips: Osram and Samsung LED chips 
    6. SmartScreen LED Controller compatible

      IN THE BOX

      1. [1] x Horti-Vision LED Grow Light - 680W/780W | 1870umol/s | Spec-Perfect UV+


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Jack Bennett
      Highly recommended

      I'm blown away by the performance of the HortiVision LED 680W/780W Spec Perfect UV. It's a robust and reliable grow light that ensures consistent and vigorous plant growth. The UV spectrum takes it to another level.

      Alex Werner
      Outstanding Performance

      I've seen remarkable improvements in my plants since using the HortiVision LED 680W/780W Spec Perfect UV. The combination of high-quality LEDs and the added UV spectrum has elevated the overall quality of my harvests.