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Lucius LED Grow Light SF 90W 75cm
Lucius LED Grow Light SF 90W 75cm
  • SKU: LIG-LEGL-46

Lucius LED Grow Light SF 90W 75cm

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Hello Hydroponics introduces the LUCIUS LED Grow Lights, utilizing advanced technology to provide optimal lighting for plant growth. With a peak "Effective PPF Efficacy," our LUCIUS LED Grow Lights can achieve an impressive light saturation point of 1200 μmol/s without emitting excessive heat. This surpasses the capabilities of HID light systems, which often struggle with high temperatures and achieving the same light intensity. By harnessing LED technology, our lights deliver maximum light output while minimizing the risk of burning plants.

Safety is paramount, and the LUCIUS LED Grow Lights are equipped with the latest safety features to protect against overloading, short circuiting, over temperature, and over/under voltage. We comply with international standard IEC and meet EMI/EMS requirements, ensuring a secure and reliable lighting solution for your plants.

Our LUCIUS LED Grow Lights come pre-assembled and undergo rigorous quality control processes, guaranteeing their performance and durability. The daisy chain option allows for easy connectivity of multiple units, while the versatile multi-purpose bracket offers flexible installation options for greenhouses, vertical farms, and various hanging, inter-lighting, and under-lighting setups.

Choose from two types of LUCIUS LED Grow Lights to suit your specific needs. The Full Cycle Series is perfect for plant growth from start to finish, providing an ample blue and red spectrum throughout the growth cycle. The far red spectrum penetrates the plant canopy, enabling growth at lower levels. For the flowering stage, the Superior Flower Series offers the highest level of grow light to achieve optimal yields. It can also be used during the vegetation stage, with the LED-to-canopy distance exceeding 75 cm or 2'6".

Experience the power and efficiency of LUCIUS LED Grow Lights from Hello Hydroponics. Unlock the full potential of your plants with our cutting-edge technology, designed to enhance growth and maximize yields.

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