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Lucius Flex Full Spectrum 645W
Lucius Flex Full Spectrum 645W
  • SKU: LIG-LEGL-42

Lucius Flex Full Spectrum 645W

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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Melbourne, Australia! Welcome to the world of LUCIUS LED grow lights, where energy-saving technology and powerful performance meet. Our flagship model, the 645W LUCIUS FLEX, is designed specifically for horticultural applications, offering exceptional results for your indoor gardening endeavors.

Powered by renowned brands Samsung and Osram, the LUCIUS FLEX boasts six LED bars that deliver an impressive Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) Efficacy of 2.9umol/J. This ensures your plants receive the optimal light intensity for their growth, promoting healthy and vigorous development. With its uniform coverage area, every plant receives the attention it deserves.

The LUCIUS FLEX is built with the grower's needs in mind. It features dimming capability, allowing you to fine-tune the light intensity based on your plants' requirements. Additionally, it offers multiple installation options, giving you the flexibility to set up your grow space according to your preferences.

Rest assured, the LUCIUS FLEX undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures. It comes pre-assembled and has been thoroughly tested and approved by our internal and external QC departments, ensuring its reliability and performance.

Experience the excellence of LUCIUS LED grow lights and witness the remarkable difference they can make in your hydroponic setup. Hello Hydroponics invites you to explore our range of LUCIUS products, including the impressive LUCIUS FLEX. Unleash the full potential of your plants with our bright and efficient LED grow lights. Shop now and revolutionize your indoor gardening experience.


  • Efficacy of 2.9umol/J
  • Foldable design
  • Low ceiling installation
  • Controller compatibility (up to 160 units)
  • Manual dimming
  • Full spectrum veg & flower


    1. LED Manufacturer: Samsung & Osram
    2. Spectrum: Full spectrum
    3. PPF: 1870 umol/s
    4. Efficacy: 2.9umol/J
    5. Input Voltage: 120V  208V  240V  277V
    6. Input Current: 5.38A  3.1A  2.69A  2.33A
    7. Frequency: 50/60Hz
    8. Input Power: 645W
    9. Fixture Dimensions: 46.2"L x 43.6" W x 1.87" H 117.4cm x 110.76cm x 4.75cm
    10. Weight: 9.76kg
    11. Optimal Temperature:  20 - 35°C
    12. Thermal Management:  Passive
    13. External Control Signal:  0 - 10 V LED Controller
    14. Dimming Option: 40% / 50% / 60% / 80% / 100%
    15. Beam Angle: 120°
    16. Lifetime: L90: > 54,000hrs
    17. Power Factor: >90%
    18. Waterproof Rate: IP66
    19. Warranty: 3-year Warranty


        IN THE BOX

        1. Led Driver
        2. Led Bars
        3. Solid Decking Mount
        4. Lance Hanger
        5. Hanging Points
        6. Waterfall Mount
        7. Input Power Cord
        8. Output Extension Cord
        9. Output Cable
        10. Driver Mounts
        11. 6p6c Cable M2140


        3-Year Replacement Warranty

        • If the product is faulty within the warranty period, the product will be replaced with a new one.
        • Please send the product to the following address on the contact us page.

        LUCIUS Flex Manual.pdf


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