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Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light


Fluence by Osram Spydr 2i 630w LED light



The newest LED technology from the leading semiconductor producers in the world, such as Osram, Samsung, and LG, is used in the construction of every Fluence system. Every SPYDRx PLUS has more than 2,000 LEDs integrated into it, each with 80/120 whole width half maximum pre-focused optics for perfect spectrum compositions, unmatched performance, electrical efficiency, and endurance compared to any other light source. Light must be absorbed before it can be used. Our product development process starts there.

Light that does not illuminate your crop is a loss of time, resources, and opportunity. We created the SPYDR, VYPR, and RAZR series for consistent, precise photon delivery in any setting. Every step of our design approach has a purpose, from passively-cooled form factors tailored for their surroundings to ground-breaking spectra made for full-cycle physiological development.