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Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light
Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light
Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light
Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light
Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light
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Fluence LED Spydr 2P 47 Light

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Hello Hydroponics welcomes you to discover the power and efficiency of SPYDR 2p, the ultimate full-cycle LED grow light solution for commercial cultivation. Designed with the needs of commercial growers in mind, SPYDR 2p delivers exceptional performance and scalability to meet the demands of your indoor garden.

With its advanced technology, SPYDR 2p offers the flexibility to cater to both vegetative growth and higher light intensities during the bloom stage. For optimal results, we recommend using SPYDR 2p in environments with CO2 supplementation ranging from 800 to 1400 ppm in the reproductive growth stage, taking advantage of its high photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) levels.

The upgraded form factor of the SPYDR 2 Series ensures a faster and easier installation, providing a plug and play solution for commercial growers. Whether you have a multi-tier setup, vertical farm, growth chambers, tables with adjustable aisles, or tents, the SPYDR Series is designed to meet your cultivation needs.

With its slim profile of just 1.3" and a recommended mounting height of 6" above the canopy, the SPYDR 2 Series offers a compact and space-efficient solution. The remotely mountable power supply adds convenience to the installation process. With PPFD levels reaching up to 1060 µmol/m2/s over a 4'x4' canopy, the SPYDR Series ensures uniform light distribution and maximum coverage for your plants.

For precise control over PPFD, all SPYDR models are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the light intensity according to the specific requirements of your crops. This flexibility enables you to accommodate different light needs when transitioning between crops.

Experience the superior performance of SPYDR 2p and elevate your commercial cultivation to new heights. Hello Hydroponics is your trusted partner in LED grow lights and energy-saving technology. Discover the innovation and power of Fluence's SPYDR Series and say hello to Hello Hydroponics for all your indoor gardening needs.

PhysioSpec Indoor is a full-cycle spectrum optimized for rapid growth and complete plant development. Tailored for growing plants from initiation to senescence (germination, clones/cuttings, mothers, vegetative and flowering applications) in indoor environments.  With a CRI rating of 85, PhysioSpec Indoor offers a beautiful work and research environment with vivid colors and greater contrast to study the health of your crop.

Mounting Hardware Options:

  • Lance Hangers: Provides a 2-point hanging solution, but the customer must supply their own rope ratchets, chain or cable. PSE must also be centered on the fixture or it will be off balance. This is the standard option when not using multi-tier racks.
  • Adjustable Hanging Kit: Provides a 2-point hanging solution with 5 feet of braided stainless steel wires and carabiners. PSE must also be centered on the fixture or it will be off balance.
  • Short "V" Mounting Brackets: Provides a 4-point mounting solution that's ideal for waterfall decking on top of 2"-3.5" support beams (rolling racks and some pallet racks).
  • Long "V" Mounting Brackets: Provides a 4-point mounting solution that's ideal for waterfall decking on top of 4"-5" support beams (pallet racks).
  • Solid Decking Mounting Brackets: Provides a 4-point mounting solution that's ideal for level solid decking and rolling tables. Requires two front-to-back support bars per fixture.

Plug Type Options:

  • NEMA 5-15P: This is the standard plug type for most residential (110/120V) outlets in the U.S.
  • NEMA 6-15P: This is the standard plug type for most commercial (220/240V) outlets in the U.S.
  • NEMA L7-15P: This is a twist-lock plug that is usually meant for outlets with voltages that are 220V or higher.
  • Pigtails: If you choose this option there will be no plug at the end of the power cord, only bare wires. This option is normally chosen if the fixture will be hard-wired to your power source.
  • Schuko: This plug type is commonly used in most European countries.

DC Cord Upgrade Options: The power supply is normally attached directly to the SPYDR fixture. Choose a DC Cord Upgrade only if you wish to remotely mount the power supply. You can mount the power supply on the side of a rack or on an adjacent wall to remove heat from your grow space, and to allow an extra 3.3" of canopy height. A pair of PSE Mounts is included with every fixture, which are ideal for pipes but wide enough for Unistrut as well.


    1. PPF: 1580 µmol/s
    2. Power consumption (watts): 632 typical
    3. Electrical efficiency (μmol/J): 2.5
    4. Amperage: see below
    5. Weight (lbs): 24lbs 13oz
    6. Spectrum: PhysioSpec Indoor™
    7. Coverage Area: 4 ft x 4 ft @ 6-8 in above canopy

    Standard SPYDR 2 Series fixtures ship with auto sensing 100-277V power supplies. To order 347V, 400V or 480V SPYDR 2 models, please contact us for pricing and lead times. Amperage depends on fixture wattage (632W for SPYDR 2p) and input voltage. Below is a general estimate. Actual figures should be calculated based on your exact voltage. Please note that 347V, 400V & 480V SPYDR 2 Series fixtures operate at an average of 3% higher wattage.
    • Amps @ 120V: 5.27A
    • Amps @ 208V: 3.04A
    • Amps @240V: 2.63A
    • Amps @277V: 2.28A
    • Amps @347V: 1.88A
    • Amps @400V: 1.63A
    • Amps @480V: 1.36A

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