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California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 - COB
California Lightworks Solarxtreme 500 - Cob Grow Light
California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 - COB
California Lightworks Solarxtreme 500 - Cob Grow Light
California Lightworks Solarxtreme 500 - Cob Grow Light
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California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 - COB

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Hello Hydroponics welcomes you to explore the SolarXtreme 500, a cutting-edge LED grow light system designed to revolutionize your hydroponic setup in Melbourne, Australia. Powered by California Lightworks, these energy-saving LED grow lights offer all-around savings, bright powerful illumination, and optimal plant growth.

The SolarXtreme 500 provides impressive coverage for 16 square feet, making it perfect for small-scale home growing or grow tent applications. With its full-spectrum capability, this LED grow light system supports all phases of the growing cycle, ensuring healthy and vigorous plant development. The innovative chip-on-board design and direct AC drive eliminate the need for LED drivers, resulting in higher efficiency and lower costs compared to traditional LED lights.

Equipped with high-efficiency LEDs, the SolarXtreme 500 delivers outstanding light output while consuming less energy. This translates into significant energy savings and reduced electricity costs, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your hydroponic garden. Additionally, the full spectrum provided by these LED plant lights eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing you to focus on optimizing plant health and maximizing yield.

In comparison to traditional LED greenhouse lights, the SolarXtreme 500 offers the same advantages of larger LED lights but in a compact and efficient package. Experience the benefits of superior performance, energy efficiency, and cost savings in your home or small growing operation.

Hello Hydroponics is your trusted source for LED grow lights in Melbourne, Australia. Partner with California Lightworks and embrace the power of the SolarXtreme 500 LED grow light system for impressive results in your hydroponic endeavors. Discover the possibilities and witness the transformative effects of state-of-the-art LED technology for your indoor gardening needs.


  1. Power Draw: 400w
  2. 500 PPFD Distance: 24"
  3. 800 PPFD Distance: 18"
  4. Max Current: 3.3A @120v
  5. Coverage Area: Up to 4' x 4'
  6. Heat Output: 1280 BTU
  7. Dimensions: 18" x 8.5" x 4"
  8. Weight: 11 lbs.
  9. Thermal Management: Active


    1. [1] x California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500 - COB | Commercial Series LED | Made in USA


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