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California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 LED
California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 LED
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California Lightworks SolarSystem 1100 LED

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Hello Hydroponics, a trusted provider of LED grow lights in Melbourne, Australia, proudly presents the SolarSystem 1100 (SS 1100) by California Lightworks. These energy-saving LED grow lights offer a powerful and efficient solution for commercial horticulture. With advanced features and fully programmable spectrum control using the optional SolarSystem Controller, the SS 1100 is the pinnacle of horticulture LED technology.

Despite its lightweight design, the SS 1100 produces more light output than larger LED grow lights and is capable of replacing a 1000-watt HPS system. Whether you're in the veg or bloom stage, this versatile grow light system offers 0 to 100% dimming capabilities, allowing for precise control over the light spectrum. The SS 1100 covers a large bloom area of 5' x 5' and a vegetative area of 8' x 8', providing ample coverage for your crops.

With an impressive efficiency of 2.23 umol/j and a power consumption range of 0-800W, the SS 1100 ensures efficient operations while promoting photosynthesis at all stages of growth. By linking multiple SS 1100 units in a series, you can cover any size grow area while significantly reducing energy usage and eliminating the need for bulb replacements. These commercial LED grow lights are perfect for maximizing yield in small operations and can easily scale with your business as it grows.

Experience the power and convenience of the SolarSystem 1100 from California Lightworks, available at Hello Hydroponics. Our LED grow lights combine energy-saving technology, exceptional performance, and ease of use, providing the ideal solution for commercial crop production. Trust Hello Hydroponics for all your LED grow light needs, and discover the benefits of our high-quality products in your hydroponics setup in Melbourne, Australia.

Basic Spectrum Mixes for the SolarSystem 1100

The following table are basic spectrum mixes for various growth stages for flowering plants. These spectrum mixes have been determined from 8 years of experience with the California Lightworks grower network, and are supported by various university studies on varying spectrum effects on Plant Morphology.

In general, blue light is essential in vegetative growth and produces lush growth and bushy plants. Red tends to make plants stretch in vegetative growth but is key for high yields in fruit or flowering plants. The SolarSystem 1100 allows you to dial in exactly the spectrum mix needed for any phase of growth.

  • Growth Stage: Vegetative
    • Week Number: Varies*
    • RED: 49
    • WHITE: 99
    • BLUE: 99
  • Growth Stage: Pre-Flowering
    • Week Number: 1 to 2*
    • RED: 74
    • WHITE: 99
    • BLUE: 99
  • Growth Stage: Flowering
    • Week Number: 3 to 5*
    • RED: 99
    • WHITE: 99
    • BLUE: 99
  • Growth Stage: Ripen
    • Week Number: 7 to 8*
    • RED: 80
    • WHITE: 90
    • BLUE: 99


  • SolarSystem 1100 Features
    • Programmable spectrum control
    • Wireless or hard wired networking
    • Smart lighting maximizes efficiency
    • High intensity PAR output
    • Rapid return on investment
    • Local technical support
    • 5 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • 90 Day No Questions Return Policy
    Programmable Spectrum Control (Controller is sold separately)
    • With the SolarSystem Controller, you can automatically adjust each of the three separate light spectrum channels from 0% to 99%. This can be done manually or automatically using the built in timer and calendar.
      • Channel 1 - Red & Deep Red
      • Channel 2 - Natural White View Mode
      • Channel 3 - Blue and Deep Blue
    • A single controller can control a virtually unlimited number of fixtures from a single point.
    • Automated programs for sunrise and sunset that mimic nature as well as programs for spring, summer and fall for more natural accruing patterns that improve growth.
    • Variable Dark Period and finishing routines to maximize resin output.
    • Programmable UVB and IR Supplementation will result in a more potent end product.
    • Automatically program any growth stage or spectrum mix
    • A single controller runs and unlimited number of lights
    • Sunrise/Sunset for better daily growth
    • Digital timer eliminates external timers or contractors
    • Day, Week, or Season programming
    • Smooth transitions from Veg to Bloom
    • Customizable grow schedules for each plant variety

    High Efficiency and Low Maintenance
    • The SolarSystem 1100 will produce the same yield as a 1000 Watt HPS or MH light with an average of 40% less energy usage. Using the advanced spectrum control system will further increase efficiency and yield compared to old fashion fixed spectrum lighting.
    • The SolarSystem controller can be linked to a light sensor in a greenhouse to maximize wasted energy.
    • California Lightworks' LED fixtures are plug and play and very light weight so installation is streamlined. Add that to the advantage of never changing a bulb and you have the industry’s most efficient lighting system.


    Highest Yields. Guaranteed
    • Top of the Line Osram LED's are driven to their maximum power rating using the exclusive active heat management system from California Lightworks. Higher power equals higher yields.
    • Using the adjustable spectrum control to maximize blues and deep blues during the vegetative stage produces lush growth, shorter spacing between nodes and less stretching.
    • Maximizing red and deep reds in bloom to increase yield and resin output.


    Best Value. Highest Return On Investment
    • The Solar System 1100 features advanced design and manufacturing that produces a high powered LED fixture at a very accessible cost.
    • Lower purchase cost, reduced energy usage, and the elimination of replacement bulbs matched with higher yields means the best return on investment in the industry.
    • Smart controls for optimal energy usage.


    Networking & Integration
    • The Solar System is an intelligent networking light system that will evolve through software advances without having to upgrade equipment.
    • Advanced lighting parameters can be developed and saved for any type of plants or growing conditions.
    • Additional lighting equipment options can be added to the system including separate fixtures for UVB, infrared or specialized supplemental lighting.
    • The system can be integrated with light sensors daylight harvesting or spectrum specific supplemental lighting in greenhouses.
    • Options are also available for PC, wireless, internet, and smart phone applications


    Highest Reliability. Best Support
    • All California Lightworks' LED fixtures are produced entirely in California.
    • California Lightworks has over 7 years of experience in designing and producing the most reliable LED's of any brand.
    • All fixtures are tested with a burn in period before shipping and offer a 24-hour service.
    • Modular design makes for easy repair even after years of use.


  1. Power Consumption: 0 - 800W
  2. Efficiency: 2.23 umol/j
  3. Light Output - PPF: 1730
  4. Spectrum Control: Digital / Programmable
  5. Auto Voltage: 90 - 277V
  6. Maximum Current: 6.6A @ 120V, 3.3A @ 240V
  7. Frequency: 50 - 60Hz
  8. Heat Output - BTU: 2550
  9. Operating Temperature: 0 - 107F
  10. Power Factor: >0.95
  11. Coverage Area - Bloom: 152CM x 152CM
  12. Coverage Area - Veg: 243CM x 243CM
  13. LED Lifttime Rating: 50 000+
  14. Warranty: 5 Years
  15. Thermal Management: Active
  16. Dimming : 3 Channel 0% - 100%
  17. Cord Length: 1.82M
  18. Data Connection: RJ11
  19. Certification: UL & CE


    1. [1] x California Lightworks Solar System 1100 - True Watt 800W | Commercial Series LED | Made in USA


    5-Year Replacement Warranty

    • If the product is faulty within the warranty period, the product will be replaced with a new one.
    • Please send the product to the following address on the contact us page.