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Net Pots

What are hydroponic net pots in Australia?

Hydroponic net pots in Australia are an essential component of hydroponic systems, serving the same function as pots in a traditional soil garden. They hold and support the plants and growing medium, but with slits below to allow roots to grow into the hydroponic nutrient solution.

Typically made of plastic mesh, net pots promote superior circulation of water, nutrients, and oxygen and are also reusable in most cases.

Extensive options when it comes to hydroponic net pots in Australia

At Hello Hydroponics, the hydroponic pots and trays are made of food-grade plastic, making them entirely safe for growing various plants. Moreover, these containers are free from any harmful chemicals that can leach into the plant root zone.

They also come in different sizes and volumes, which you can choose to match the dimensions of your hydroponic grow room.

What is the right size for Hydroponic pots in Australia?

Choosing the right size for Hydroponic pots in Australia is crucial to ensure the proper growth of plants. Contrary to popular belief, bigger pots are not always better, and selecting the wrong size can impede plant development.

Choosing the right net pot for your hydroponic system depends on the size of the plant you are growing, as well as its full size and weight at the time of harvest. For small plants and leafy greens, smaller net pots are suitable. However, more extensive and heavier plants require larger net pots for optimal growth and support.

Other factors such as pot construction, temperature, space, and the specific needs of the plants should also be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate pot size.

How to choose suitable Hydroponic Pots and Trays?

To ensure optimal plant growth, you must balance three key factors plant size, root system size, and the growing environment.

By considering these factors together, you can determine the appropriate pot sizes throughout the plant's growth cycle.


  • Space

The size of the hydroponic system depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor. Indoor hydroponic systems typically have less space compared to outdoor systems, taking into account the overall floor space but also the height of the system.

  • Temperature

This is a factor that often takes beginner growers by surprise. If you are growing plants indoors under HID, grow lights, or in an area with direct sunlight, your pots may dry out more quickly than anticipated.

  • Plants

The size of the pot needed for your plants will depend on their growth stage. When starting with seedlings or cuttings, you will need smaller pots than when your plants are fully grown and healthy.

Shop for Clear Hydroponic Pots from reputable suppliers.

The excellent news is that clear hydroponic pots are reusable, so you can use them multiple times. After each harvest, take a moment to examine and clean your pots, and they should be ready for use again. Our online hydro shop offers a wide range of options, including hydroponic net pots in Australia, fabric growing pots, hydroponic propagation pots, and more. Shop for hydroponic net pots to grow plants in coco coir, perlite, vermiculite, grow wool sponges, and even soil.