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Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED
Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED
Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED
Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED
Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED
Hi-Par Spectro 240W Led Grow Light
Hi-Par Spectro 240W Led Grow Light
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Hi-Par Spectro 240W LED

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Hello Hydroponics invites you to discover the power and innovation of HI-Par's SPECTRO 240w LED grow light. Designed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the SPECTRO 240w delivers exceptional performance and customization options for your indoor gardening needs.

What sets the SPECTRO 240w apart is its unique design, featuring interchangeable LED bars that allow for custom spectra tailored to your specific plant requirements. With a wide-angle 120° output, this LED grow light ensures uniform and efficient light distribution across your entire growing area. Powered by high-performance diodes from leading brands such as Osram and LumiLed, the SPECTRO 240w delivers outstanding brightness and reliability.

The SPECTRO 240w is built to withstand rugged horticultural conditions with its IP54 rating, ensuring durability and protection against dust and water. Additionally, it incorporates novel passive cooling capability on each LED bar, reducing the need for active cooling systems and increasing overall efficiency. With the SPECTRO 240w, you can enjoy more light while consuming less power, leading to energy savings and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you're in the vegetative or floral growth stage, the SPECTRO 240w is the ideal companion for your plants. Its optimized spectrum promotes vigorous growth, heavy flowering, and high-quality produce. Experience the power and performance of HI-Par's SPECTRO 240w LED grow light and witness the impressive results in your hydroponic setup.

Hello Hydroponics is your trusted source for LED grow lights, offering energy-saving technology and powerful lighting solutions. Explore the HI-Par SPECTRO series and unlock the potential of your indoor garden. Say hello to Hello Hydroponics and elevate your growing experience with our range of products designed to meet the needs of growers in Australia, Melbourne, and beyond.


  1. True full spectrum output
  2. Removable LED bars
  3. Osram and LUMILEDS LED chips
  4. Compatible with HI-PAR Control Station V2
  5. Dimmable 25%, 50%, 75% & 100%
  6. Remote dimmer included
  7. Passive cooling (no fans)
  8. 50,000-hour lifespan
  9. Dimensions: 611 x 224 x 128mm
  10. IP54 Tested and approved
  11. Easy to use - plug ’n’ play

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