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Professor's Organic Nutrients Grow Single Part
Professor's Organic Nutrients Grow Single Part
Professor's Organic Nutrients Grow Single Part
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Professor's Organic Nutrients Grow Single Part

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Professor's Nutrients Organic Single Part Grow Nutrient
One of the most important aspects of your garden is the nutrients added to the system.  Nutrients play an important part in your plants life cycle and provide all the essential macro and micro elements that are needed to have a strong structural foundation. Without these nutrients, a plant will be unable to complete its life cycle. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial gardener, having the right nutrient will guarantee you achieve the very best out of your garden.
The Professor’s Organic Nutrient is a premium 100% Organic base nutrient. This unique formulation has over 72 different macro & micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, Amino Acids and natural hormones which deliver the perfect NPK for growing and flowering crops.
Organic fertilisers release nutrients slower then synthetic liquids, which eliminates the risk of over-fertilization. This slow release of nutrients also means they are available for a longer period of time. Organic fertilizers also improve soil quality by increasing its ability to hold water and nutrients. Organic fertilizers add natural nutrients, feed important microbes, and improves the soil’s structure.
  • Single Part Nutrient for Grow
  • Stimulates root growth & soil health
  • Microbial activity boosts strength of the crop
  • Good soil conditioner
  • Natural source of nitrogen for plant growth
  • Healthy stronger growing plants
  • Increases resistance to frost, drought, pest & disease
Handy tip: To accelerate plant growth and shorten the vegetative cycle, add Grow Fast Organic which is a 100% premium organic growth enhancer with increased Nitrogen.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor gardening.
Suitable for Rockwool, Perlite, Vermiculite, Expanded Clay, Coco Fibre and Soil.
Hydroponics : Use 4ml Organic Grow per 1L of Nutrient solution
Outdoor : Use 2ml Organic Grow per 1L of Nutrient solution
Important : Organics have a lower pH, so use an Organic pH adjuster