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Origin 4 O.G dripper system
  • SKU: PRP-PROP-01

Origin 4 O.G dripper system

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The Origin Dripper systems are excellent and easy to use grow systems, compatible with all growing media. This dripper system is suitable for both beginner and professional growers. The unit is available with a range of pot and system sizes and capacities. A Maxi-Jet pump is included in the unit. Thanks to the low profile of the unit, you can use it in restricted spaces. It's suitable to use with coco coir, clay pebbles, rockwool, and soil.


General Information

  • The kit includes a reservoir, a maxi-jet pump, top trays, drip-lines, distribution piping, flood drippers and arrow drippers;
  • Growers can choose between 2 models;
  • Ensures a highly-oxygenated growing environment for your plants;
  • You can add a timer to time the feedings.



  • It's resistant and durable;
  • It's easy to install and to use;
  • It's made at the highest quality standards.


The Science

In this Small System, a reservoir holds nutrient solution. The water pump delivers the feed solution from the reservoir to the dripper system installed on each pot, which are placed on a collection tray over the reservoir. The feed solution returns to the reservoir to be re-used.


How to Use

Place the reservoir in the proper location in the grow room and place the trays over the reservoir. Place the pots onto the trays. Install the distribution piping and the pump. Fill up the pots with the growing medium. Run the dripper-lines to every pot and connect the drippers for the growing media you're using. Fill the reservoir with water and mix in the boosters, the nutrients, and additives. Transplant the plants and insert the drippers into each pot close to every plant. Growers use a 24 hours timer to switch the water pump and control the feed times. Segmental timers usually have a 15-minute on-period. For small plants, start with 2 or 3 feeds per day throughout the entire lights on period.


Dimensions and Plant Sites

  • Small 4 - 60x60cm - 4 Plants in 6 Litre pots;
  • Small 4 - 60x60cm - 4 Plants in 11 Litre pots;

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jasmin Turner Murphy

I can't imagine my hydroponics setup without the Origin 4-Way System. It's a time-saving and efficient solution that maximizes nutrient utilization. The quality and functionality of the system are outstanding.

Abigail Russell

Professional Quality