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Nutrifield Pro Pot 27L Set
Nutrifield Pro Pot 27L Set
Nutrifield Pro Pot 27L Set
Nutrifield Pro Pot 27L Set
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Nutrifield Pro Pot 27L Set

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The Nutrifield® Pro Pot™ System is completely adjustable to suit your growing needs. It can be set at three different heights giving you increased storage of water and improved air flow and drainage, which will help maximise growth. As your plants grow, the distance to the light source can be adjusted. The grate allows for rapid drainage and holds all substrates (Coco Coir, Hydro Clay, Rockwool & Soil) and excels in Deep Water Culture (DWC) because the roots can simply grow through it. All attachment surfaces are flat so that all connections go straight in, preventing any leakage.

1 x 27l bucket
1 x 27l grated pot (mesh bottom)
1 x 27l stand

Nutrifield® Pro Pot™ System is easy to maintain and has been constructed to be durable, including the squat design which allows optimal root growth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Aiden Shearer
solid investment

This set has taken my gardening to a whole new level. The pots are durable easy to clean and the size is perfect for larger plants. The water distribution system ensures that my plants get just the right amount of moisture and the results are simply remarkable.

Marlee Coen
Highly recommended

The setup was a breeze and the plant growth has been phenomenal. The quality of these pots is outstanding and the plants seem to thrive in them.

Shaun Abbot
highly Satisfied

My plants went from meh to magnificent. This is a must try for any serious gardener. you won't be disappointed.

Liam Robert
Game changer

My plants are vibing with it. It's like plant magic in a bag.The growth is insane and I'm loving it.