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Nutrifield Flavor Savior 500ML
Nutrifield Flavor Savior 500ML
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Nutrifield Flavor Savior 500ML

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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Melbourne, Australia! Are you searching for the perfect nutrient solution to enhance your plant's flavor and yield? Look no further than Nutrifield's Flavor Savior, a fish emulsion-based, all-purpose fertilizer. Packed with high levels of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, Flavor Savior is designed to elevate essential oil production, improve fruit flavor, and support vigorous plant growth. This premium foliar spray from Nutrifield is the key to unlocking enhanced flavor and abundant yields in your hydroponic garden.

Essential nutrients play a critical role in the growth and development of plants. Flavor Savior is a carefully crafted blend that provides the essential nutrients your plants need for optimal growth. With minerals, amino acids, and proteins, this all-around nutrient solution caters to your plant's specific requirements, ensuring they receive everything they need to thrive. Additionally, Flavor Savior is rich in bioavailable nitrogen (N), a vital element that supports vigorous plant growth, making it the perfect choice for both traditional gardens and hydroponic systems.

A Complete Nutrient Solution

Nutrifield's Flavor Savior is not just any nutrient solution – it's a savior for your plants' flavor and overall performance. With its fish emulsion-based formulation, it promotes essential oil production, enhancing the flavor profile of your fruits and vegetables. The high levels of bioavailable nitrogen further boost plant growth, ensuring your plants reach their full potential in terms of size and vitality. As a premium foliar spray, Flavor Savior works efficiently, delivering essential nutrients directly to your plants' leaves, where they can be readily absorbed and utilized.

A Tonic to Mediate Plant Stress

Nutrifield Flavor Savior contains nitrogen (N) rich fish extract, which enhances plant strength and relieves stress.
Flavor Savior is a general fertiliser, which can be used throughout the entire grow cycle to mediate plant stress when it is needed. Use Flavor Savior during the late flower cycle to ensure that plant energy is focused on flavour production in fruits and flowers.

Don't settle for average flavor and yields – elevate your gardening game with Nutrifield's Flavor Savior. This all-around nutrient solution is a game-changer, providing your plants with the essential nutrients they need for optimal growth and development. Say hello to enhanced flavor, abundant yields, and thriving plants with Hello Hydroponics and Nutrifield's Flavor Savior.

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