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Nutrifield Crystalic 5L
Nutrifield Crystalic 5L
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Nutrifield Crystalic 5L

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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Australia, especially in Melbourne! Are you looking for a powerful and effective nutrient solution to support the development of high-quality yields with intense aromas during the flowering stage? Look no further than Crystalic by Nutrifield. This potent blend includes molasses, aloe vera, and amino acids, providing your plants with the necessary natural polysaccharides and phytochemicals to support beneficial microbes. These microbes, in turn, improve nutrient bioavailability and stimulate the production of oils and secondary metabolites, ensuring your plants reach their maximum genetic potential.

Healthier Corps

Achieving bigger and healthier crops is a goal for every hydroponic gardener, and Nutrifield Crystalic can help you achieve just that. By providing your plants with a unique blend of mineral salts, this product boosts oil production and enhances sweetness in your plants, leading to superior growth and yield. Its carefully crafted formula, consisting of 78% nitrogen, 8% phosphorus, and 8% potassium, makes it a more effective and reliable plant food supplement than others available on the market. With just one application, you can enjoy its benefits for up to six weeks, providing long-lasting support to your hydroponic system.

Powerful Solution

Crystalic is not just any nutrient solution; it is a powerful mixture that includes essential amino acids. With the addition of molasses and aloe vera, your plants receive a wide range of natural polysaccharides and phytochemicals, nourishing beneficial microbes in the soil. These microbes, in turn, enhance nutrient bioavailability, ensuring that your plants can take up essential elements efficiently. As a result, your plants experience boosted essential oil production, leading to maximized flower oil yield and aroma during the flowering stage. By incorporating Crystalic into your hydroponic routine, you can maintain a healthy rhizosphere and achieve high-quality, aromatic yields with ease.

Increased Essential Oils and Aroma

Nutrifield Crystalic stimulates the production of essential oils, which impart distinct flavours and fragrant aromas. Many plants, such as mint and lavender, store their essential oils, including terpenes, in their trichomes (tiny hair-like structures on the surface of the plant).

Nutrifield Crystalic increases trichome abundance and oil content, which results in the densely packed, oil-filled trichomes reflecting light and appearing crystalline.

Improved Sweetness

Nutrifield Crystalic is high in molasses and complex polysaccharides (sugars), which support beneficial microbes and a healthy plant immune system.

The microbial presence elicits a change in the plant’s metabolism causing it to alter its production of proteins, sugars, and secondary metabolites. The result is a robust plant with high brix levels, particularly within the fruit.

Discover the potential of Crystalic by Nutrifield and elevate your hydroponic gardening experience. Say hello to Hello Hydroponics and unleash the true potential of your plants with our revolutionary nutrient solutions. Invest in Crystalic today and witness the impressive results of enhanced plant growth, improved yield, and intense aromas during the flowering phase.

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