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Nutrifield Coco A&B 1L
Nutrifield Coco A&B 1L
Nutrifield Coco A&B 1L
  • SKU: NUA-NFLD-01

Nutrifield Coco A&B 1L

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Hello Hydroponics, a prominent hydroponic solution store in Melbourne, Australia welcomes you to Nutrifield's Coco A&B, the essential nutrients formulated to bring you optimum results in coco coir. Our nutrient solution contains all the necessary macro, secondary, and micro nutrients in a properly balanced formulation, ensuring remarkable quality yields from the beginning to the end of your growth cycle.

At Nutrifield, we take quality seriously. Our Coco A&B product undergoes rigorous testing in our analytical laboratory and extensive practical assessments before it is released to the market. Rest assured that Nutrifield Coco has been specifically engineered for coco coir, providing a balanced and complete base nutrient system that caters to your plants' needs.

Unique Suitable Formulation

Our unique formulation empowers your plants with everything they require for rapid growth in coco mediums. By delivering nutrients in the correct form, your plants no longer need to break down complex compounds, allowing them to focus their energy on robust and speedy growth.

Rich in Essential Nutrients

NF Coco is rich in essential Calcium, which plays a vital role in cell wall structure and aids in the retention and distribution of other critical elements like potassium. Additionally, it contains suspended Silica, ensuring your plants resist wilting and become more drought-tolerant. Humic acid is also present, enhancing aeration, while fulvic acid breaks down complex minerals into their ionic form, making them readily available for plant uptake.

Say goodbye to nutrient deficiencies and subpar yields. Choose Nutrifield's Coco A&B to provide your plants with the essential nutrients they need for thriving growth in coco coir. Elevate your hydroponic experience with Hello Hydroponics and Nutrifield, your go-to source for high-quality, all-around nutrients in Australia. Let your plants flourish with Nutrifield's Coco A&B nutrient system, and experience the difference in your hydroponic garden.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lowanna Birrani
highly Satisfied

These nutrients have helped me achieve remarkable growth and flower development in my plants. The fact that it's designed specifically for coco coir makes it a valuable asset in my gardening arsenal.

Aric Parsons
Game changer

These nutrients are a game changer for anyone growing in coco coir. They ensure that my plants receive the perfect balance of nutrients for healthy growth and robust yields.

Isabella Adams

Nutrifield Coco A&B has exceeded my expectations. The high-quality nutrients are easily absorbed by the plants, leading to exceptional yields.

Thank you

Nutrifield Coco A&B 1L has become an integral part of my hydroponic system. These nutrients have transformed my plants, promoting optimal health and vitality. The Coco A&B formula provides a well-balanced mix of nutrients, ensuring that my plants receive everything they need for robust growth.