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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Melbourne, Australia! Get ready to experience the power and efficiency of Katana LED grow lights, the ultimate solution for maximizing your plant's growth potential.

Introducing the Katana K435, a revolutionary 435W full spectrum LED fixture designed to deliver outstanding performance and rapid plant growth. With its dual Meanwell driver system, you have the flexibility to independently control the white and red spectrums, allowing you to customize the lighting conditions for optimal results. Powered by high-quality Osram and Seoul Chips, the Katana K435 outperforms many other grow lights on the market.

Designed to cover a 1X1 meter flower area and a 1.2X1.2 meter vegetative area, the Katana K435 ensures that your plants receive the perfect amount of light throughout their growth cycle. Whether you're growing flowers, herbs, or vegetables, this powerful LED fixture will help your plants thrive and reach their full potential.

Katana LED grow lights are not only powerful but also energy-saving, thanks to their advanced technology. With energy-saving features and high-efficiency LEDs, you can enjoy significant energy savings while providing your plants with the bright and powerful light they need for optimal growth. Say goodbye to traditional lighting systems and hello to the future of hydroponic gardening with Katana.

Experience the difference of Katana LED grow lights and witness your plants grow massive - and fast! Unlock the full potential of your indoor garden with the Katana K435, the game-changing LED fixture that will take your hydroponic setup to new heights.

Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts, embrace the power of Katana LED grow lights and witness the incredible growth and yields they can deliver. Invest in energy-saving technology, maximize your plant's growth potential, and create an all-around saving with Katana. Upgrade your grow lights today and see the difference for yourself.

Join the growing community of Hello Hydroponics and choose Katana for your indoor gardening needs. Experience the combination of power, efficiency, and innovation that sets Katana apart from the rest. Trust in Katana to provide bright, powerful LED grow lights that will transform your hydroponic garden into a thriving and productive space.


    1. Tuneable Full Spectrum
    2. Power: 435w
    3. Voltage: 220-240 / 2.0a
    4. Osram & Seoul Chips
    5. Meanwell Drivers
    6. Separate Red/white Dimming
    7. Dual Dimming: 1-100%
    8. PPF: 995 Umol/s
    9. PPE: (Efficiency) 2.3
    10. CCT: 3427k / Cri: 89.2%
    11. Superior Heat Sink
    12. Dimensions: 540 X 500 X 85mm

        IN THE BOX

        1. [1] x Katana K435 Led Grow Light - 435W | 995umol/s | Full Spectrum


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