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Jungle Room Original Clone Propagation Tent - 0.85M X 0.5M X 0.4M
  • SKU: GTE-JRST-18

Jungle Room Original Clone Propagation Tent - 0.85M X 0.5M X 0.4M

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You won't come across any big cats or poisonous snakes in these jungles only your lush, green plants.

Bloomerang Jungle Grow Tents range in size from a 2" x 4" model to a 10" x 10" model to accommodate any space restrictions you might have. Having a portable, dedicated space for your growing project allows you to place your grow room in any space in your home and conveniently move it when necessary.

With ultra-reflective interior lining, double closing vent pouches to prevent light leaks, and screen vents to help deter negative pressure, your plants will be happy to call this Jungle home.

Jungle Room tents were developed to give customers an industry standard grow room offering. The large range of sizes allows for multiple room sizes with normal ceilings and even higher ceilings (HC).

Become the King of your urban jungle with Jungle Room Indoor Harvest Systems! These heavy duty tents make use of an all-steel frame, well-thought plumbing and duct outlets and a high quality skin that excels at both preventing light leakage as well as ensuring supreme light efficiency through its highly reflective Mylar inner.

Jungle Room Indoor Tents have been designed to achieve the optimum, self-contained, indoor space to grow plants all year round.

Experienced and new hydroponics gardeners can enjoy  plant growth, without the hassle and waste of configuring their space themselves. In addition, the Jungle Room system is simple and quick to assemble and pull down.

With steel construction and quality materials these Jungle Room Tents keep contained any light, possible spills or nutrient odour, in a range of different sizes.

You can now enjoy your plants growth and achieve maximum yield, all in a discreet, controlled and efficient environment.

The Jungle Room system has been developed utilising years of experience, to turn the difficult task of setting up an indoor hydroponic environment, into a breeze. The completely self-contained, covert environment means there's virtually no impact on the outside space.


  • Portable and Non-Permanent Grow Room
  • Easy to Setup and Take Down
  • Constructed with Thick, Light Proof Material
  • Sturdy Zippers for Hassle Free Opening and Closing
  • Metal Pole Spring-Locking Frame for Stability
  • Ultra Reflective Interior Lining for Maximum Brightness
  • Double Closing Vent Pouches to Prevent Light Leaks
  • Removable Floor for Simple Cleanup between Harvests
Length 85cm
Width 50cm
Height 80cm