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Hortivision TLED Driverless LED 26W Grow
Hortivision TLED Driverless LED 26W Grow
Hortivision TLED Driverless LED 26W Grow
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Hortivision TLED Driverless LED 26W Grow

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Hello Hydroponics enthusiasts in Australia, Melbourne! Get ready to revolutionize your indoor gardening with Hortivision T-LED's, the game-changing LED grow lights that will take your plants to new heights.

Our T-LED series offers unique driverless LED solutions for propagation, vegetative growth, and bloom stages. These slimline sleek bars are designed for efficiency and low-heat performance, making them perfect for summer grows. Say goodbye to bulky and inefficient grow lights and say hello to the sleek and powerful T-LED bars.

The Hortivision T-LED's utilize just 26W for propagation and 42W for grow and bloom, ensuring energy-saving technology without compromising on performance. Operating at 50/60Hz with 240V, these lights are rated for an impressive 50,000 hours of life, providing long-lasting and reliable illumination for your plants.

At Hortivision, we believe in bringing affordable excellence to home gardens. Upgrade your light quality and quantity with our new range of T-LED grow lights and witness the remarkable difference in your plant growth. Experience the power and efficiency of driverless LED technology and unlock the full potential of your indoor garden.

Join the Hello Hydroponics community and embrace the future of indoor gardening with Hortivision T-LED's. Elevate your grow with high-quality, energy-saving LED lights designed to enhance your plant's growth and yield. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your light source and optimize your hydroponic setup.

Upgrade your light quality and quantity today with Hortivision T-LED Driverless LED 26W Grow. Experience the game-changing innovation that Hortivision brings to the world of LED grow lights. Trust in Hortivision for reliable, efficient, and affordable solutions for your indoor gardening needs.


  1. 26W/240V Horticultural Driverless LED
  2. 6500K
  3. 3600Lu
  4. 2 Light can be daisy-chained together

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    0.5 kg




    26W BLOOM, 26W GROW, 42W GROW, 42W BLOOM

        IN THE BOX

        1. [1] x Horti-Vision TLED Driverless LED Grow - 26W | 240V | 520MM Length | For Propagation


        1-Year Replacement Warranty

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