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Hortivision Illumine 630W LED
Hortivision Illumine 630W LED
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Hortivision Illumine 630W LED

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Lower Power Consumption – Higher Efficiency Output – Reduced Cost – Better Results

Hello Hydroponics is excited to introduce the Hortivision Illumine 630w LED, a powerful and efficient lighting solution designed to revolutionize your growing experience. With its exceptional performance and energy-saving technology, this LED fixture is a game-changer for growers in Australia, specifically in Melbourne.

The Hortivision Illumine 630w LED boasts an impressive light output of 1600 μmol−1s and an incredible efficiency of 2.65 μmol−1s per watt. With this fixture, you can achieve an average of 1000 μmol−1s m-2 on your crop, ensuring optimal light intensity for robust plant growth.

Designed for versatility, the Hortivision Illumine 630w LED can be used as a top light, in multi-tier setups, or in indoor grow tents. Its full spectrum light is perfect for supporting plant growth throughout all stages, from the vegetative phase to the bloom stage. The combination of white and red LEDs in the fixture ensures a high ratio of blue light, promoting compact growth during the vegetative stage and enhancing optimal morphogenesis and light interception by the plant. The inclusion of red LEDs guarantees a uniformly mixed spectrum on your plants, contributing to the overall quality of your crop.

The Hortivision Illumine 630w LED is designed with convenience in mind. It comes equipped with an external RJ 14 Cable, allowing for easy installation and control. By daisy-chaining the fixtures, you can connect up to 200 units per controller port, simplifying the setup and management of your lighting system.

Furthermore, the foldable design of the Hortivision Illumine 630w LED offers cost-saving benefits during shipping. When unfolded, the pre-installed light bars are ready for plug-and-play installation, providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Experience the future of LED grow lights with the Hortivision Illumine 630w LED, available at Hello Hydroponics. Unlock the potential of your indoor growing operation with this powerful, efficient, and user-friendly lighting solution. Say hello to brighter, more efficient, and customizable lighting with Hortivision.


    1. Input Power: 630W

    2. Efficacy: 2.7μmol/w
    3. PPF: 1700μmol/s
    4. Input Voltage Autosensing: 100 - 277V
    5. Mounting Height: > 12" (30cm) Above Canopy
    6. Thermal Management: Passive
    7. Lifetime: 50,000hrs
    8. Power Factor: >90%
    9. Certifications: UL 8800 Damp Location Rating & CE
    10. Colour Rendering Index: 90ra
    11. Ambient Temperature: -40-40°C
    12. Storage Environment: -40X-85°C  RH10%-95%
    13. Chip: Samsung 301H & Osram 660NM RED
    14. Fixture Dimensions: L45.7"xW41.7"xH4.5"  (116x106x11.5cm)
    15. Fixture Weight: 27.5lbs / 12.5Kg
    16. Warranty: 3 Years

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