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Hortitek GrowSaber 30w LED Ultra Dimmable 900mm
Hortitek GrowSaber 30w LED Ultra Dimmable 900mm
  • SKU: LIG-LEGL-16

Hortitek GrowSaber 30w LED Ultra Dimmable 900mm

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Hello Hydroponics is proud to introduce the Hortitek Growsaber Ultra Dimmable LED light, the perfect lighting solution designed to elevate your growing experience. As a leading innovator in lighting concepts, Hortitek has once again exceeded expectations by introducing a remote-controlled, dimmable LED light that caters to all your growing needs. Whether you're propagating clones and seedlings, providing supplemental light to indoor house plants, or requiring additional side or under lighting for your grow rooms, the Growsaber Ultra is the ideal choice.

With its advanced dimming capabilities, you have full control over the intensity of the light emitted by the Growsaber Ultra. The remote control allows you to easily adjust the brightness according to the specific requirements of your plants, providing the optimal lighting conditions for their growth and development. From gentle lighting for delicate seedlings to intense illumination for thriving plants, the Growsaber Ultra adapts to your unique needs.

The versatility of the Growsaber Ultra extends beyond propagation and indoor house plants. It also serves as an excellent supplementary light source in grow rooms, especially when positioned beneath the canopy. This ensures that every part of your plants receives the necessary light for robust and uniform growth. By providing additional side and under lighting, you can maximize your yields and create an ideal environment for your plants to thrive.

Hortitek's commitment to excellence is evident in the Growsaber Ultra's top-notch quality and performance. Crafted with precision, this LED light guarantees exceptional reliability and longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for any grower. Say goodbye to traditional lighting limitations and embrace the possibilities offered by the Growsaber Ultra.

Experience the next level of lighting technology with the Hortitek Growsaber Ultra Dimmable LED light, available at Hello Hydroponics. Trust in our expertise and discover the perfect lighting solution that will enhance your growing enjoyment. Say hello to brighter, more efficient, and customizable lighting with Hortitek.


  • Durable aluminum housing
  • For Hanging and Fixing
  • Adjustable Color Temperature (12 settings)
  • Dimmable Power (12 settings)
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Low Heat and Water Resistant

      IN THE BOX

      1. [1] x Hortitek Growsaber Ultra LED - 30W |ULTRA Dimmable | 900MM | 6500K | IP65


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