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H&G Soil A&B 20L
  • SKU: NUA-HOUG-12

H&G Soil A&B 20L

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For use in run-to-waste hydroponic systems, House & Garden Hydro A&B uses special formulas. Rapid nutrition uptake is made possible by Hydro A&B as effectively as possible. This potent foundation nutrient has been created to offer total fertigation for generative growth, which includes both vegetative and blooming growth. Rockwool, flock, perlite, clay, growstone, gravels, vermiculite, or volcanic stone are excellent for run-to-waste systems.
Our Hydro A&B base has been carefully created to deliver the entire spectrum of necessary nutrients in exquisitely soluble forms utilising special chelating agents. Hydro A&B is designed to quickly balance optimal pH levels, leading in faster, healthier plant development and better nutrient uptake.
Pure liquid base nutrients, not powders, are used in the production of H&G Hydro base nutrients.