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H&G Cocos A&B 1L
  • SKU: NUA-HOUG-17

H&G Cocos A&B 1L

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There is no cluttering agent used in House & Garden Coco base nutrient, which is formed of liquid nutrients and trace elements. This facilitates the flow of nutrients from the root zone to the plant. Eddha-Fe and other pure, premium nutrients, such as coco base nutrients, are among those present in this product (iron). This makes it possible for the plant to swiftly and efficiently absorb the nutrient. Simply said, use House & Garden A&B Coco to give your plants a great start. A complete spectrum of advantageous components can be found in House & Garden basic nutrients. Humic and fulvic acids increase nutrient uptake and transportation, which in turn encourages healthy plant growth and increases the root zone's capacity for absorption.