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H&G Aqua Flakes A&B 5L
  • SKU: NUA-HOUG-14

H&G Aqua Flakes A&B 5L

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The entire foundation nutrient has been redesigned in the USA exclusively for recirculating systems and is called House & Garden Aqua Flakes. Expanded clay, rockwool, growstone, and many types of recirculating hydroponic growth are excellent substrates for House & Garden Aqua Flakes.
This liquid concentrate's special formulation promotes quick nutrient uptake by plant foliage through fertigation. For the best, medical-grade cultivation, a perfectly balanced combination of nutrients can be combined according to the secret H&G formulation and blending approach. What was your outcome? better nutrient absorption, quicker plant development, and EC level stability.
All of the macro and trace elements are included in Aqua Flakes in absorbable forms to enable quick uptake and full nutrient for the plant's life cycle.