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Emerald Harvest King Kola 22.71L
  • SKU: NUA-EMHA-34

Emerald Harvest King Kola 22.71L

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King Kola is the only bloom booster you need for early, mid and late flowering. In addition to a boost of phosphorus and potassium, it is the only product of its kind that contains protein from hemp. While other bloom boosters contain bovine or other animal-based proteins, King Kola contains a vegetable source of protein, which can aid floral development and assist chelation for better nutrient uptake. You don’t need three bloom boosters when the “king” is at court.

A powerful bloom booster designed to create bigger, heavier blossoms, Emerald Harvest King Kola provides the essential elements your valuable crops need to burst forth in heavy buds and flowers. It's high in phosphorus and potassium, so using King Kola helps drive budding faster, easier and better than using base nutrients alone. King Kola also contains nitrogen, derived from hemp seed, which helps increase yields.

Another key ingredient that makes King Kola such a powerful bud builder is L-form amino acids. L-amino acids act as natural chelators, so your plant's roots can soak up the full amount of nutrients they need to produce a satisfying yield. They encourage plant metabolisms to work more efficiently, so there's little waste of the valuable nutrients you feed your crops. In turn, this drives buds that will be the pride of your garden.


  • Encourage prolific flowering and massive, weighty blooms
  • Power up your plants' productivity with extra potassium and phosphorus
  • Treat your crops to a boost of high-quality nutrients, including nitrogen derived from hemp protein ( sativa)


  • Appearance: milky green color, like the color of our bottles.
  • Aroma: slightly nutty and mildly earthy. Smells edible.
  • Texture: milky.
  • Spoilage: contains natural ingredients that need to be kept out of direct sunlight. For best results, use soon after opening. Its shelf life is 18 months or more


    King Kola: NPK: 0.3–2–3


    • Total nitrogen (N)................................................0.3%
      • 0.15% ammoniacal nitrogen
      • 0.05% other water-soluble nitrogen
      • 0.1% water-insoluble nitrogen
    • Available phosphate (P2O5).............................2.0%
    • Soluble potash (K2O)..........................................3.0%

    Derived from potassium sulfate, monopotassium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, hemp seed flour