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H&G Top Booster 5L
  • SKU: NUA-HOUG-48

H&G Top Booster 5L

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The REAL PK 13/14 is Top Booster for serious floral production! using high-quality minerals like potassium and phosphorus (together with additional EDDHA-FE iron) to help the plant reach its final stage of reproductive growth. Top booster promotes the production of fall hormones (ethylene) to support the biological reaction of plants to a changing light environment. The average duration of use for Top Booster PK 13/14 throughout the middle of the reproductive stage is 1 week. The plant will produce larger flowers and fruits and encourage quicker, higher-quality yields with the help of this floral trigger and strengthening of the flowering process.
An incredibly potent blooming stimulator, House & Garden Nutrients Top Booster will astound the grower.
In blooming crops, the EDDHA-FE iron also aids in preventing chlorosis.