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H&G Multizyme 500ML
  • SKU: NUA-HOUG-41

H&G Multizyme 500ML

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House & Garden MultiZyme is a powerful stimulator, rich in enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins. The growth process is accelerated and boosted by MultiZyme. Additionally, it increases the plant's resistance. MultiZyme enhances the plants' tolerance to illness and stress while also assisting in the breakdown and dissolution of organic materials. The enzymes assist in converting the basic nutrient into a form that is even more bioavailable and much easier for the plant to absorb.
A broad spectrum of helpful enzymes make up House & Garden MultiZyme. For plants to exchange plant sugars metabolically, these enzymes are crucial. These processes are started and maintained in time with the rate of plant growth by enzymes, which are microscopic catalysts. Additionally, it possesses enzymes that support soil conditioning and flowering sites.