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Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L
Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L
  • SKU: NUA-CANA-36

Canna Coco Professional Plus 50L

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Hello Hydroponics brings you CANNA Coco, a premium coco-based growing medium suitable for growers of all levels - from beginners to professionals. With the R.H.P quality seal, each batch undergoes strict quality control, ensuring you receive the best product every time. CANNA Coco is enriched with trichoderma, a beneficial fungi that provides protection against soil diseases, further enhancing the quality and results of your growing medium.

CANNA Coco Professional substrate is 100% organic, boasting a fine and uniform structure, free from viruses, chemical additives, and soil diseases. What sets CANNA Coco apart is not only the absence of steaming but also the use of pure, first-class source materials from India. These materials are soaked in fresh water only, preventing any contact with salts, resulting in a clean and reliable product.

Experience strong root formation, robust growth, and reusability with CANNA Coco substrate. It combines the best of both worlds - the tolerance and organic nature of soil, and the precise feeding capabilities of hydroponics. Its optimal balance between water and air surpasses other substrates, making it a preferred choice for CANNA growers.

CANNA Coco Professional Plus takes it a step further by including a special mold (Trichoderma), providing additional protection against soil diseases. With CANNA Coco, you can trust in a superior growing medium designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of every CANNA grower. Achieve outstanding results with CANNA Coco - the ultimate choice for successful cultivation!