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Canna Classic Vega A&B 5L
Canna Classic Vega A&B 5L
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Canna Classic Vega A&B 5L

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Hello Hydroponics proudly presents CANNA Classic Vega, a complete professional nutrient designed specifically for the crucial growing phase of plants. Whether you're a seasoned hydroponic gardener or just starting, this product is perfect for use in inert run-to-waste systems.

During the early stages of the growing phase, the plant sets the groundwork for its future yield. With CANNA Classic Vega, you can ensure your plants receive the essential nutrients they need to establish a strong foundation for abundant growth.

CANNA Classic Vega is expertly formulated to provide your plants with precisely what they require for optimal development. Say hello to healthy, thriving plants and maximise your hydroponic yields with CANNA Classic Vega.

Advantages of CANNA Classic Vega

  • CANNA Classic Vega promotes a healthy and powerful growth, which is vital for side shoots and a luxuriant root development.
  • Classic Vega is applied to all types of inert substrates.
  • A complete absorption of nutrients and water is guaranteed from the beginning of the cultivation because Classic Vega is rich in directly absorbable nitrogen compounds, high quality EDDHA iron chelate and trace elements.

Why A&B nutrients?

Both CANNA Classic nutrients (CANNA Classic Vega for the growing phase CANNA Classic Flores for the blooming phase) consist of two parts, an A part and a B part. We separate these parts for a reason. As it happens, if some of the elements in part A and B are thrown together at the same time, they clog together. That's why you should first add the A component and then the B component.

      Direction of Use

      1. Shake bottle well before use
      2. Fill nutrient reservoir with water
      3. Add CANNA Classic Flores to the nutrient reservoir with the dilution ratio 1 : 250 (400 ml A and 400 ml B per 100 L of water) Add Classic Flores A to the nutrient reservoir. Stir well, then add Classic Flores B Again, stir well and let mixture stand for some hours
      4. The EC of Classic Flores dissolved in (tap) water varies between 1.8 - 2.7 mS/cm2 (= the solution EC + the water EC)
      5. Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2
      6. When growing intensively, drip feed the plants 1-3 times a day with this nutrient and make sure the drain will be between 10% and 20% and/or flush with water every 1-2 weeks


        • Advantages of CANNA CLASSIC
        CANNA Classic is the best nutrition for growing on inert substrates such as rock wool. It is used especially on ‘run-to-waste’ systems; these are systems where the drain water is drained off or so called open-hydroponics systems.
        • A Balanced Quantity of Nutritions
        If you grow on a run-to-waste system, you need a plant nutrient that exactly suits the needs of this special growing method. The substrates used in run-to-waste are mostly inert (which means they don't add or take nutrient elements from the nutrient solution). So all the nutrients have to be in the nutrient solution. An excess of nutritional elements can lead to plant damage but they will also end up in the environment. CANNA Classic has a balanced quantity of all nutritional elements needed by plants.
        • Optimum Control
        With CANNA Classic you can grow with precision. Growers have an optimum control over what their plants are offered. It does require more know-how than growing in soil for example, but higher yields can be achieved due to the fact that the nutrition absorption can be better arranged. Like this, immediate adjustments can also be made when something is about to go wrong.


        CANNA only works with high graded nutrients and chelates, which are immediately and completely available for the plant. The bottle is made of polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), an easily biodegradable and recyclable plastic.


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