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Aptus CalMag 1L
  • SKU: NUA-APTS-35

Aptus CalMag 1L

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MINERAL-CALMAG is, as the name suggests, a mineral calcium and magnesium booster. Designed to go with our APTUS range as a cleaner alternative to MASSBOOST. it is great for growers running multiple day / 7 day reservoirs, growers who don't run APTUS but are looking for a better calmag, and the DWC (Deep Water Culture) growers that LOVE the APTUS BASE but are having to use other calcium magnesium supllements. MINERAL-CALMAG is the best mineral based calmag for growers.


Aptus Plant Tech Australia is a proudly Australian owned and operated company offering groundbreaking technology across a range of expert products.

Agriculture across the globe is experiencing the negative effects of decades of synthetic fertiliser and pesticide usage. Salt build-up creates harmful runoff into our groundwater, pesticide residue is on much of our produce, and our food lacks the nutritional value it contained only a few decades ago.

Aptus technologies were developed in an effort to fix these problems short term and long term by creating highly bioavailable forms of nutrients and natural stimulators.

Aptus works immediately on plant growth but also helps to remediate soil and bring life back to the earth.