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About Us


At Hello Hydroponic, our goal is to provide superior quality hydroponic products and equipment at the best prices in town.

As a proudly Australian owned and operated company, we are passionate about bringing you premium hydroponics products while providing expert advice and exceptional customer service. When it comes to hydroponics and horticultural equipment, we have everything you need to set up, maintain or upgrade a professional hydro system.

Whether it’s for home growers and hobbyists or experienced commercial growers, we believe in the value of hydroponics. It provides a great way to grow your own organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers or medicinal crops. It provides you with complete control over your growing environment, while minimising water and chemical usage. The result is home grown crops that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

From the latest in grow tents and lighting technology, to premium organic nutrient solutions and watering systems, we stock only the best brands from trusted suppliers in Australia and overseas. We supply systems to suit the most advanced commercial growing setup, as well as budget options for those just starting out.

You’ll find all the biggest names in hydroponics when browsing our store, including Gorilla Grow Tents, Jungle Room, Canna, Aptus, Sensi Pro Bio Diesel, Canna, Emerald Harvest and more.

As a dedicated online hydroponics equipment supplier, we strive to offer the best prices on premium quality products.


Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in the power of hydroponics to deliver sustainable crops with maximum yields, while minimising water usage and chemical intervention.

We believe that hydroponics should be simple and accessible to everyone. However, we understand that it can be a complex and daunting process for newcomers. That’s why we put customer service at the forefront of our offering. We strive to provide expert advice and assistance to help you create a system suited to your crop, your space and your budget.

Our aim is to help create a better future, with the wellbeing of our planet and quality produce at the heart of what we do. Everyone has the potential to contribute to a better world through small, day to day changes. And we believe that hydroponics has a big part to play in the happy and healthy world of tomorrow

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