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Misc. Items

Mycobiome - Mycorrhizal Fungi 100g


Grow Genius Mono-Silicic Acid 1ml/33Ltr 10ml


Nature's Own Guano Super Grow 1L


Nature's Own Guano Super Bloom 1L


Super N+ (Nitrogen + CalMag) 1L


Super Si 20ml


Misc. Items

Hello Hydroponics has all sorts of products from local brands which are harder to get in stores. Here you can order from the miscellaneous collection of ours to get your required products shipped to your doors with any hassle. 

This collection includes products like - Mammoth, Super Si, Super N, Grow Genius Mono-Silicic Acid, Mycobiome, Regenerate Nutrient Blend, Insect Frass Full Spectrum, Nature's Own Guano Super, Vitality Plus, and much more.

Order yours today from Hello Hydroponics!