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House & Garden

H&G Amino Treatment 1L


H&G Amino Treatment 5L


H&G Amino Treatment 20L


H&G Ph Stabiliser 1L


H&G Mg08% Magnesium 1L


H&G Magic Green 250ML


H&G Magic Green 500ML


H&G Cocos A&B 20L


H&G N27 Nitrogen 250ML


H&G Bud-Xl 250ML


H&G Bud-Xl 500ML


H&G Bud-Xl 1L


H&G Bud-Xl 5L


H&G Bud-Xl 20L


House & Garden

For the best harvests, apply the cup-winning fertilizer House & Garden Nutrients. Craft batch produced in a zero-waste plant in Humboldt, California, House & Garden is valued for its purity and clean formulation and used globally by sophisticated agricultural facilities. House & Garden, which was established in the Netherlands 30 years ago, is today utilized by authorized medical facilities, educational institutions, industrial farmers, and home gardeners who appreciate a genuinely superior product in more than 30 countries.

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